Woodwork, invention and working on solutions to bee related problems

Super queen mating hive

I’ve been working on raising queens, so far only hatched, unplanned, queen cells. I’ve got a Apidea hive, and a mating hive that I created myself using frames similar to Apidea frames. Well Apideas are not cheap, and not big… (READ MORE)


To prevent drowning bees

So the last couple of years I have had a little problem with feeding bees with a miller feeder. They somehow seem to end up in their dozens finding their way to the main pool of syrup and drowning themselves…. (READ MORE)


Back to the woodshop

So after a year that has been short on honey, at least I’ve got through without loosing my bees like some have, touch wood. Anyway, last year I used some wire mesh tacked onto hives with nails. It was messy,… (READ MORE)


First hive clean and move – part 3

So just on the day I’d come to swap it out, wouldn’t you guess it, she had only gone and laid in it. Fresh eggs by the look of it. 24hrs earlier I would have been fine… Grr ! They… (READ MORE)

DIY, Inspection

First hive clean and move

So as the big day approached I was getting everything ready. I made 2 new hive floors, I’d bought new stands in November, I’d prepared empty brood boxes, supers full of frames and a plan. Well kind of a plan…… (READ MORE)

DIY, Inspection, Learning

Tyrolean Bee Chalet

So, I’ve looked on at gabled roofs of bee hives for some time, thinking how much they improve the look of a standard bee hive away from a ‘wooden box on a stand, to something that might look a bit… (READ MORE)

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