Woodwork, invention and working on solutions to bee related problems

Woodpecker cage version 1

So, now I’ve introduced you to the 2nd version that I built earlier today, I should probably go over its predecessor. The concept of a woodpecker cage is to try to prevent them attacking beehives. As shown in this example… (READ MORE)

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Caged bees

piece of metal mesh over bee entrance with a couple of bees climbing out caged door Oh the fun with mouse-guards and the weather. The weather has been so strange recently, I put mouse-guards on about 6-8 weeks ago, thinking… (READ MORE)

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Woodpecker cage version 2

Well on balance, Small I wholesale jerseys think the Bayan first one looked better and White was much easier to make. This one looks more secure from Her?ey attack, but I wholesale NFL jerseys don’t think it is. But, it… (READ MORE)

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