Generally getting inside the hive, either for inspection or for applying husbandry methods, e.g. comb changes.

Cold hives, hot swaps, swarm !

It was May 1st; I never seem to get round to writing these things up when they happen. The weather had been very unusual, we’d  had a warm winter, right through to early Feb and then cold and miserable right… (READ MORE)

Inspection, Problems, Swarms

A beekeeper’s pockets

I washed my beekeeping jacket tonight and thought I would share what  keep my pockets to do the task at hand – From the top – lighters (have a spare), multi-tool (pliers, knife, screwdrivers), compass & thermometer, keys to the… (READ MORE)

DIY, Inspection

Three, three, the rivals

So three cells have been made; three out of 30, but I only need one queen. Well I say three, but two of them are heavily combed over, so maybe that means they are dead in the cells. As I… (READ MORE)

Inspection, Queen rearing

Today’s the day

I did my queen rearing today. As the donor hive only had 4 frames of brood I didn’t want to leave them short at this time of build up. I grafted tiny larvae from cells using a paint brush. I… (READ MORE)

Inspection, Queen rearing

A little mistake

I, err, cough, chopped some queen cells down before finding the queen. Then I looked back and could not find eggs. OK you caught me doing something stupid and now I think it is queenless. BUT, I have a plan…. (READ MORE)


Seven is the magic number

On Sunday I opened a hive and found 7 frames with brood on. Not just national frames, 14×12 national frames, the ones with more cells per frame than a commercial ! 7 is the magic number, it translates as time… (READ MORE)


Hive down… Hive down…

I visited my hives today and there as been a sad loss. One colony at Hastinwood apiary has perished from this world. The outer insulated cover I made was blown off and was found 30 feet away. Meanwhile the hive… (READ MORE)