Cold hives, hot swaps, swarm !

It was May 1st; I never seem to get round to writing these things up when they happen. The weather had been very unusual, we’d ¬†had a warm winter, right through to early Feb and then cold and miserable right… (READ MORE)

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Preparing and cleaning mini-nucs

A couple of years ago I bought some polystyrene mini nucs. Over the last couple of years they have seen some good use; raising a good number of queens, for loss replacement, expansion and swapping mean queens out to improve… (READ MORE)

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Lonely queen

I tried to overwinter a mating nuc this year for the first time. I put it inside a full size hive and padded with hessian sacking. But then the winter was too warm and they starved – too much flying,… (READ MORE)

Problems, Queen rearing, Winter

Don’t kill our bees! Immediately halt the use of Neonicotinoids on crops – Petitions So parliament are going to discuss an online petition on their website. The suggestion is banning neonicotinoids in the UK (paraphrased). Its going to be on 7th December and you can watch it live on I am looking… (READ MORE)

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Supercedure and too many supers

For the first time I have 2 queens running side by side in one of my hives. I was looking through my hive the other day and saw the queen and was quite happy that she was doing well, this… (READ MORE)

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