Queen rearing

Preparing and cleaning mini-nucs

A couple of years ago I bought some polystyrene mini nucs. Over the last couple of years they have seen some good use; raising a good number of queens, for loss replacement, expansion and swapping mean queens out to improve… (READ MORE)

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Lonely queen

I tried to overwinter a mating nuc this year for the first time. I put it inside a full size hive and padded with hessian sacking. But then the winter was too warm and they starved – too much flying,… (READ MORE)

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Lovely queens

I have been lucky enough to fall on my feet with nice queens this year. There has been some breeding (by which I mean selection of the best stocks and taking their swarm cells), some culling of mean queens and… (READ MORE)

Queen rearing


Hooray ! The queen from my early queen rearing exploits has been mated and is laying. My first (purposeful) queen-reared queen. My first green queen of the year, marked and clipped. She has a big golden abdomen,  far larger than… (READ MORE)

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Change of plan & mating nucs

Bit of a change of plan. Following a chat with a fellow beekeeper, and the suggestion that combing over should not be an issue at all and was quite normal, I decided that I should try to raise all three… (READ MORE)

Queen rearing

Three, three, the rivals

So three cells have been made; three out of 30, but I only need one queen. Well I say three, but two of them are heavily combed over, so maybe that means they are dead in the cells. As I… (READ MORE)

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Today’s the day

I did my queen rearing today. As the donor hive only had 4 frames of brood I didn’t want to leave them short at this time of build up. I grafted tiny larvae from cells using a paint brush. I… (READ MORE)

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Mini nucs’ prep

Last year I went on a queen rearing course and at the end I bought some mini nucs. They needed cleaning first so I did that first.  Then I was left with an interesting design choice by the manufacturer of… (READ MORE)

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Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war

Also know as “come on queeny, go and get mated and get on with it”. It has been a while since I saw an egg in any of my hives, and today is mating day, woo woo… It has been… (READ MORE)

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