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Supercedure and too many supers

For the first time I have 2 queens running side by side in one of my hives. I was looking through my hive the other day and saw the queen and was quite happy that she was doing well, this… (READ MORE)

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Beexwax polish

Last year I made some beeswax polish. After a while I managed to sell it. People really liked it and asked for more. So this year, from my cappings wax haul, I decided I would make some more. Beeswax Recipe… (READ MORE)

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Hooray ! The queen from my early queen rearing exploits has been mated and is laying. My first (purposeful) queen-reared queen. My first green queen of the year, marked and clipped. She has a big golden abdomen,  far larger than… (READ MORE)

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Yalding Bee Fayre I am going to this next weekend (May 11th 2013), taking one of my little boys to enjoy the attractions and then seeing what I can get at the auction. It was good just as an auction when I… (READ MORE)