Welcome to Nick’s Bees. Nick has been keeping bees since 2010 on the Hertfordshire Essex border as a hobby. 


Nick’s Bees Honey is 100% natural English local honey, collected from wildflower meadows, allotments, gardens and countryside fields.

It is harvested from apiaries, then jarred by location and season, resulting in a range of deliciously different range of honeys.

Nick sells his honey from home and from local farmer’s markets.

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Nick harvests beeswax from the processing of honey and then turns it into a range of products, most commonly candles.

Natural beeswax candles have an aroma all their own.

Blog Posts

Processing the harvest

  Last weekend was take up with processing honey in 2 ways – one “normal” extraction and the other Cut comb processing. I thought i would talk about them both a little “Normal” Extraction So for, I think, the majority of ‘modern’ beekeepers


The bees, ahh the bees. Well, they are all back from the borage and all survived (since I lost one to wasps); I thought they hadn’t but they were just light on transport. I’d oddly lost one on treatment, the entrance was closed down and I think basically they got trapped inside, and with large …


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