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A beekeeper’s notes for November

http://missapismellifera.com/2015/12/13/a-beekeepers-notes-for-november In November the leaves fall from the trees and the drones fall from the hive. The trees are preparing to rest for winter as their leaves drop to the ground, and the bees are getting ready to close the… (READ MORE)


Damn, escaping queens

So week before last I did two artificial swarms and a demaree. Now both old  queens on the artificial swarms have put up new cells and swarmed even with loads of room to expand, and it looks like the demaree’d… (READ MORE)


Using pollen patties

Regarding pollen patties, I made a discovery. I had been putting them on with some cuts in the paper to allow access, over the crown board hole. Some loved them, others ignored them pretty much completely. Then I put some… (READ MORE)

Learning, other, Winter

Too long without posting – update

Its been too long since I posted anything here; I’ve been keeping my local beekeeping group site up to date though. So what is news… Well. lots.. So I decided to break it up into several posts Danish Lady Merging… (READ MORE)