Help me name my bee hives and WIN !

So, Its been a while now, well, pretty much a year since I started beekeeping with actual bees, and I still have not named my hives properly.

They started out named after the colour of their lids, yellow, blue and silver. Not the most inspirational names, and then I had to change roofs round as some went in for maintenance, others for innovation (more on that another day) and I made the tyrolean roof which wasn’t coloured. Then the yellow hive died and it seems asking for bad luck to call a new colony after one that died.

Presently they are called ‘the one with the pointy roof’ and ‘the one with the flat roof’. I don’t really want to call them hive 1 / 2 / 3 / etc. As I’m not going to have too many hives and would like them to have a bit of character.

So, you need to suggest :

Two names, one for each hive, and a theme / naming convention that would be applicable for 7 or more hives.

So “Apple” and “Pear” and then ‘fruit trees’ as the theme, but members of the Beatles would not, as there were only 4, no 5 or was it 6? … No you can’t use the fruit trees suggestion.

How to enter? Just comment on this page further down.

The prize? My first 1lb (454g) jar of honey (once I get some honey from my bees).

Can you enter more than once? Yes, I suppose so, but max of 5 attempts please.

Can anyone enter? Yes, I don’t see why not

Closing date : Thursday, 3rd May 2012, at 23:59 GMT +1 (i.e. British Summer time)

Other rules :

My decision on the winner is my decision to make, no discussion will be entered into about which I ‘should‘ like the best.

I may choose to use a runner up entry, for my own reasons, for actually naming of the hives, while finding the ‘winner’ the best in my opinion.

I may name my hives based on an entry, temporarily, before the competition closing date, to see how the bees like it 🙂

Entries : Nothing offensive or rude, nothing that I would really rather not repeat in public or advertise my hive as named. Any mention of boy band, boy band members, W3C or any other web standards, tins of spam, will be considered null and void.

I must be able to pronounce it (but I am willing to have help).

The first suggestion decided as the winning idea, as defined by the date and time of the comment on this post, will be the winner, i.e. first to post.

There may be further prizes for runners up, if applicable. Potential options include those I find original, excessively amusing, or possessing strange or unusual qualities.

There will be no cash or other alternative to the prize(s) offered and prize(s) are not transferable, except :

The first jar of honey is exchangeable for a later in the season jar of honey, if the first one is rape seed honey and the winner does not like rape seed honey;
I’d prefer not to have to post the jar if possible (because its fragile and messy if broken), but I will if needs be and no alternate arrangement can be agreed.

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  1. i live in alberta so i don’t know if you would want to pay for shipping if i won.

    1. You’re a bit late too, a friend of mine won with “Muppets” as a theme. Two years on I have Miss Piggy, Fozzy, Gonzo, Statler & Waldorf (two WBC hives), and of course Kermit. Funnily enough I still have his prize waiting on the fireplace for him to get it or tell me an address to send it to.

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