Visit three, sting three, but with good reason…

So on Saturday (9th) I visited the hives to check on their progress with the fondant. Most of them are making a significant dent in it. Good news though I’ve not lost one colony (touch wood); even the ones that worried me because I couldn’t see the fondant going down, I lifted the edge ad they were there happily munching the bottom.
One frame damaged, still honey at the top
Still lots of bees

Nest of leaves, removed and on the garden

So as I said, visit three, sting three, but not without reason. I went into the hive and cleared out the mouse nest. Being close to 0°C (32°F) it wasn’t the nicest thing for the bees I’m sure, but the nest needed to be cleared. I’d worn gloves, but I couldn’t seem to find my new jacket, so I was in the old jacket which is a bit short and I didn’t have boots on, so they stung we through the socks I had pulled up over my trousers. Then when it was all done they followed me all the way back to the car (100yrds). Well, I say followed me, more like sat on me because it was cold and didn’t move. Anyway, lesson learnt, use a mouse excluder of some type of the other on every hive. I hadn’t done so on this one as it was a hive that I bought and reconditioned. Not having had a WBC previously I didn’t know about the required ‘slide’ to put in place, and the hive is so good looking I didn’t want to nail a bit of mesh on the front and ruin the appearance. Anyway, this visit I took a bit of wood with me, and scored the dimensions of the required slider on to it; give the hive is in use I can’t really take it home and work on it so guesswork will have to do, cross fingers.