Winter Antics

Well it has been a while since I posted, highlighted by me wiping out my site but managing to get most of it back by the wonders of google cache. So what have I been up to in the bee world, well I have :

- been reading Snelgrove
- bought far too much bee woodwork from Thorne‘s sales, given I don’t want to increase from 10-12 hives
- bought an electric staple / nail gun and put plywood trim on plastic excluders to give them bee space
- found that said nail gun made putting together super frames very quick and easy
- put together lots of supers and dremel’d my initials into the side (hives do get stolen)
- fed my bees lots of sugar syrup and treated them with Api life var
- insulated inside the cover with hessian sacking
- insulated outside the hive by cutting up sheets of solid insulation board (20mm celotex) to make a cube shape that fits over the side, with correx on top with an overhang to keep the rain off.
- last but not least bought myself a 9 frame radial manual honey extractor. Finally, using my “honey money” to pay for it.

And next?

- Well, more woodwork assembly, coating with linseed.
- I am going to try to get hold of some acetic acid to protect the supers and other foundation from disease and wax moth.
- The big experiment next year is to try hypoaspis mites, a biological control for varroa mites. A naturally occurring mite that usually lives in leaf litter, which feeds on varroa mites.

Wish the bees and me luck.

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