Surprise visitors.

For the past few weeks I have been wondering where all the swarms were, others on the swarm¬† collection list were picking swarms up from around me, but I’d not seen one.

Friday, I am just on a lunch break and working from home I had popped to the allotment to have a look about. My better half calls and says there are bees all over the garden – which is not usual because I don’t keep bees at home.¬† I went home to look and true enough they had perched themselves in a hedge by the side of the road. For added fun it was right by the local primary school and there was about 30mins til the kids got out and the road would be swarming with home time mums, dogs, prams, etc. I called the school to warm them but they said there wasn’t much they could do. This is where facebook comes in handy. My better half is on the school group and drops them a line warning them. The result of that was very effective in the end.

Anyway with the use of wheelie bins a neighbour and I blocked of the path on the swarm side of the road and I got on with collection. It was only a small swarm but better to take it than leave it there to nest in someone’s roof later. I snipped away some of the bush (must sharpen those secateurs) and dropped them in a temporary home then put 4 frames with them; smoking the bush heavily afterwards to lose the queen scent. I left them til it was dark, as is the way to do it unless you want to leave some behind, then took the to the new allotment apiary.

I checked on them Sunday and they seem healthy and happy. In the end, surprise but not unwelcome visitors.