National honey show videos

This year I attended the National Honey show. I readily attend the lectures, except when I can’t because the room gets too full. As I missed 2 and one was cancelled I was determined not to miss Mr Goulson’s lecture on pesticides and pollitics; I was in my seat 30 mins early. Unfortunately Mr Goulson had a double puncture on the M25 and was 30 mins late. We had an excellent impromptu talk about honey hunters in Nepal, and then the original lecture started. Unfortunately the camera people who video all the talks in the lecture hall had decided to take an early end to the day in light of the late start, so there is no record of what was a very good talk.

For other talks you can see them on the lectures videos page. At time of writing it has just got some from 2014 and 2013, but the others should arrive soon for 2015.