Danish lady

My Buckfast queen arrived in the post three weeks ago, Saturday 30th June, from Keld Brandstrup of buckfast.dk. She was labelled “KB463 Random mated Green” but I thought that sounded a bit clinical so she shall be known as “Danish… (READ MORE)


Too long without posting – update

Its been too long since I posted anything here; I’ve been keeping my local beekeeping group site up to date though. So what is news… Well. lots.. So I decided to break it up into several posts Danish Lady Merging… (READ MORE)


Busy but successful

I’ve been naming and marking… Naming hives after Muppets (as discussed) and marking and clipping queens that I have finally managed to find, hurah ! We have: Beaker – Benjamin’s hive, mee mee mee Fozzy Bear, Waca waca Sweedish Chef… (READ MORE)


Lavender’s blue, dilly dilly, lavender’s green

So… I’ve been collecting the odd lavender plant or fifteen recently, planning to put them on the apiary, a nice variety of types. Then I had the idea (well it might not have been my idea I’m not sure) of… (READ MORE)

Plants for Bees

Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war

Also know as “come on queeny, go and get mated and get on with it”. It has been a while since I saw an egg in any of my hives, and today is mating day, woo woo… It has been… (READ MORE)

Inspection, Queen rearing

Combining Colonies Confusion

Something very odd has happened when I combined 2 colonies…. I covered them in icing sugar an dropped them all in the brood box together… just like the books say. And I left them to get on with it… And… (READ MORE)