Rain, rain, go away…

…come again after I’ve done with moving my bees about. So, this weather we have been having, argh. On Monday I managed to get a weather window; just warm enough to have a look at the bees. I opened the… (READ MORE)


Help me name my bee hives and WIN !

So, Its been a while now, well, pretty much a year since I started beekeeping with actual bees, and I still have not named my hives properly. They started out named after the colour of their lids, yellow, blue and… (READ MORE)


First hive clean and move – part 3

So just on the day I’d come to swap it out, wouldn’t you guess it, she had only gone and laid in it. Fresh eggs by the look of it. 24hrs earlier I would have been fine… Grr ! They… (READ MORE)

DIY, Inspection

First hive clean and move – part 2

After a while of faffing about, it warmed up and the bees were starting to move about so I decided to get on with it. My plan of attack (hmm poor phrase maybe) was to open the hive, inspect through… (READ MORE)

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First hive clean and move

So as the big day approached I was getting everything ready. I made 2 new hive floors, I’d bought new stands in November, I’d prepared empty brood boxes, supers full of frames and a plan. Well kind of a plan…… (READ MORE)

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