How bees give a heads-up when danger is near –

A team of researchers from California and China discovered that bees give detailed head butts to their neighbors when wasps are close, the first communication system of its kind among insects. Http://


Preparing and cleaning mini-nucs

A couple of years ago I bought some polystyrene mini nucs. Over the last couple of years they have seen some good use; raising a good number of queens, for loss replacement, expansion and swapping mean queens out to improve… (READ MORE)

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How to Build an Electronic Bee Counter – IEEE Spectrum How to Build an Electronic Bee CounterIEEE SpectrumBees are important: they pollinate dozens of crops, including almonds, cacao, and coffee. While there has been a lot of attention paid to Western honeybees owing to colony collapse disorder, this specific… (READ MORE)

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Mechanical pollination rarely supplements bee pollination Elizabeth Fichtner, a University of California farm advisor in Tulare County, wrote a research paper that opens with the provocative question, “Can Mechanically-Applied Pollen Either Supplement Bees or Ensure an Almond Crop in the Event of Bee Inefficacy or… (READ MORE)


Alys Fowler: ‘This plant is hellbent on bringing all the bees to your yard’ – The Guardian If you make a winter honeysuckle (Lonicera x purpusii) happy, it dusts itself in creamy-white, highly fragrant flowers. Like many winter-flowering species, its scent is so strong that it carries for some distance – I’ve often found myself, nose… (READ MORE)


Brush up on your bees with Kenilworth man’s new illustrated book – Leamington Courier 784 Steven Falk’s Field Guide to the Bees of Great Britain and Ireland has been written for both bee novices and expert recorders and researchers and also includes photography and bee artwork by Richard Lewington. Steven, who has worked… (READ MORE)


A beekeeper’s notes for November In November the leaves fall from the trees and the drones fall from the hive. The trees are preparing to rest for winter as their leaves drop to the ground, and the bees are getting ready to close the… (READ MORE)


Other resources on varroa management There are a number of other resources for reliable information on varroa management, some of which I’ll include links for: The Honey Bee Health Coalition released this summary of mite management tools in 2015. Free download at Tools for Varroa… (READ MORE)

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Lonely queen

I tried to overwinter a mating nuc this year for the first time. I put it inside a full size hive and padded with hessian sacking. But then the winter was too warm and they starved – too much flying,… (READ MORE)

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