Varroa floor two – the table saw strikes back

So, hive floor number two… Well, yes, good and not as good. It was made of pine this time as I ran out of cedar. Its not as nice a wood to work with or to look at, and it hasn’t got that lovely cedar smell either. Having done one already I had more than a sketch of an idea. I went with deeper cuts in the sides to put the bottom board in and the slide tray too. While making the slide tray so much easier than on the first one structural integrity was diminished… should be ok, cross fingers.

Actually I did have one little piece of cedar left, with which I made a new block entrance. The slots cut were not quite centrally, but it adds to the character (ha !), and I think the bees won’t be too bothered by that on balance. Having a little centre hole option will give them a defensible option in the case of wasp attack.

After make these I prepared for the Sunday adventure of doing an inspection, a hive clean, new stands, floors, brood box, queen excluders, supers and some replacement frames. This little lot did fill the car up I can tell you.