Easy Mead making

Quick recipe – 1 gallon of mead Ingredients 3lb honey juice of 1 lemon (citric acid) 1 cup of black tea (tanin) 1 teaspoon yeast nutrient Yeast (wine yeast, not bread yeast) Water campden tablets (available online or at any… (READ MORE)


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Supercedure and too many supers

For the first time I have 2 queens running side by side in one of my hives. I was looking through my hive the other day and saw the queen and was quite happy that she was doing well, this… (READ MORE)

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Beexwax polish

Last year I made some beeswax polish. After a while I managed to sell it. People really liked it and asked for more. So this year, from my cappings wax haul, I decided I would make some more. Beeswax Recipe… (READ MORE)

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Wax on wax off

So many supers, so many frames; Finally its all spun out. Buckets and buckets of cappings, most of them relatively dry due to using an uncapping fork lifting the cappings off the honey cells above the air gap. As before… (READ MORE)